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Like many of us, I have been a fan of anime before I even knew what anime was. As a kid of the late 90's and early 00's, I was glued to the TV screen. My parents immigrated to Canada and at that time we were quite frugal, fancy cable packages were out of the question. Much of my early anime exposure came from the Canadian national youth tv channel YTV, as well as the cartoon channel Teletoon. Japanese anime I remember watching were Zoids, Beyblade, Hamtaro, Zatch Bell, Knights of the Zodiac, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Cardcaptors, Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Some of these shows aired late at night and I remember watching them with half closed eyes. The funny thing was that I never had a set time to watch cartoons, viewing was very sporadic. Therefore there were many times where I would miss an episodes or not know what was going on. 

In middle school, all I remember people talking about were Yugioh, Beyblade, Digimon and Pokemon. Kids would buy large tins of cards, multiple beyblades, etc. My family didn't believe in spending too much money on toys. I remember having an old photo book where I would put my cards, I think I had maybe 2 or 3 small packs in it so the majority of the book was empty. 

It was around this time that my parents started getting a bit of money, card games were no long a thing and video games became really popular. One Christmas I received a PSP and was amazed by all the things you could do with it. I would go to this website called PSPISO, there you could illegally download movies, music and games. One section of the website that changed my life entirely was the anime section. The shows didn't take a large amount of space on that sony memory stick and the quality was more than adequate on that little screen. It was here where I was introduced to all the different genres of anime.

In real life I am very secretive about my love of anime, I'm not really sure why. Consequently I do feel very isolated and alone when it comes to my love of anime. Therefore anyone reading this feel free to message me, I would love to have someone to talk to about all things anime related. Recently I have also started to read more and more manga, please message me if you have any recommendations.


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